No person, other than authorized city employees, shall dig or excavate any hole, ditch, trench or tunnel in or under any street, alley, sidewalk, park or other public property or public easement through private property without first having secured a permit for such excavation. Application shall be made to the city clerk.

(Code 1997)

Any person to whom an excavation permit is issued shall enclose all excavations which they make with sufficient barricades and danger signs at all times, and shall maintain sufficient warning lights or flares at nighttime. The holder of an excavation permit shall take all necessary precautions to guard the public against all accidents from the beginning of the work to the completion of the same.

(Code 1956, 11-202, 302; Code 1997)

It shall be unlawful for any person, except those having authority from the city or any officer thereof to throw down, interfere with or remove any barriers, barricades, or lights placed in any street to guard and warn the traveling public of any construction work thereon or adjacent thereto.

(Code 1956, 11-303; Code 1997)

(a)   No person shall cut any curb, gutter, pavement, blacktop, sidewalk or excavate any street, alley or other public grounds of the city for any purpose without first obtaining a permit authorizing the same from the city clerk.

(b)   Once the work for which the excavation was made has been completed the city shall restore the pavement, blacktop, sidewalk or other surfacing at the expense of the person from whom the excavation was made.

(c)   In lieu of the city replacing pavement, it may elect to authorize utility companies or contractors to resurface streets or sidewalks with like materials, subject to approval of the street superintendent.

(Code 1956, 11-201; Code 1997)

No person shall change or alter any gutter, storm sewer, drain or drainage structure which has been constructed, or is being lawfully maintained or controlled by the city unless such change or alteration has been authorized or directed by the governing body.

(Code 1956, 11-205; Code 1997)

No person shall walk upon, drive or ride over or across any pavement, sidewalk or incomplete grading which has not been opened for traffic.

(Code 1956, 11-304; Code 1997)

It shall be unlawful for any person to place, throw or cause to be placed or thrown in or on any street, alley, sidewalk or other public grounds of the city, any glass, tacks, nails, bottles, wire or other dangerous objects that might wound any person or animal, or cut or puncture any pneumatic tire while passing over the same.

(Code 1997)

It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to deposit or throw any waste oil, fuel oil, kerosene, gasoline or other products of petroleum or any acids into or upon any street or public grounds of the city, or willfully to permit the same to be spilled, dripped or otherwise to come into contact with the surface of any street, alley, or sidewalk within the city.

(Code 1956, 11-306; Code 1997)

It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to throw or discharge water into any ditch, street, avenue or alley in the city or to cause any water to stand or form pools or to flow in a stream thereon. This section shall not apply to persons cleaning or flushing such streets, avenues or alleys under the authority of the governing body, nor to members of the fire department.

(Code 1956, 11-310; Code 1997)

It shall be unlawful for any person to make or cause to be made, any fire upon any of the paved streets, alleys, or street intersections within the city.

(Code 1956, 11-309; Code 1997)

It shall be unlawful to throw or bat any ball, stone, or other hard substance into, on or across any street or alley or at or against any building or vehicle.

(Code 1956, 9-124; Code 1997)

It shall be unlawful to haul over the streets or alleys of this city any loose material of any kind except in a vehicle so constructed or maintained as to prevent the splashing or spilling of any of the substances therein contained upon the streets or alleys.

(Code 1997)

It shall be the duty of all officers of the city to enforce the provisions of this chapter by abating or removing any nuisance, encroachment or other obstruction found or located in any street, avenue, alley or other public ground contrary to the provisions of this chapter or the laws of Kansas, by removing or causing the same to be removed by the owner or occupants of lots or grounds abutting thereon, or by the person placing or maintaining the same, as provided by law.

(Code 1956, 11-315)